Care Services

I have created this page to provide you with some very useful resources and information websites.  Depending on which area you live, I am sure there will be local organisations providing ‘Community Care Services’ which you could look into.


The British Heart Foundation Website has a lot of useful information regarding caring for a person with heart problems.  This has been a brilliant resource for me during this difficult time.

For further information click on the link below:

Care Package:

I had not considered this as an option either prior to or after my dad’s heart attack., but after researching the help and support that was available, I knew it was time to consider if a care package could be agreed moving forward.

Full details of the options available can be found on the following link:

Carer Support:

I had not considered myself as a ‘Carer’ and certainly didn’t realise that ‘Carer Support’ was available.  However, after being directed to this useful resource, it soon became clear to me that I was the carer for my dad, I was the person making decisions on his wellbeing therfore, any support and guidance available to me was invaluable.

The following link provides some very useful information for carers.

Emergency Devices for the home:

There is some useful information on the link below regarding devices for the home, such as grab rails inside and outside the home, non-slip mats, bath boards/seats etc. . It’s helpful to arrange an assessment of needs through the community health services, this will enable you to have these items installed into the home of the person you are caring for.

Care & Repair:

Help for people living independently in their own home – Advice on home repairs and maintenance for the elderly.  They provide a list of local tradesmen that have been vetted and have been approved to carry out repairs in the homes of the elderly.

Click on the link below for further information

Support for Memory Loss:,-recovery-and-wellbeing/dementia/how-to-get-help.aspx

Parkinson’s Disease:

I came across this useful website that describes the different stages of Parkinson’s. The website contains valuable information on medication and symptoms.  When my dad was diagnosed, I had no idea of the different stages of this disease and how each individual can have so many different symptoms and stages.  I’ve been told my dad will never see an advanced stage of Parkinson’s, of which I thankful, but the effect it has on him is still quite substantial.

Click on the link below for some really useful information:

Knowsley Assessment and Reablement Service

Assesses people’s daily living skills when there is a change in their level of need.

The service provides therapy based support designed to help people re-learn the skills they need to live independently. The service is aimed at people who are being discharged from hospital as well as people who, without this support, may require higher levels of support including needing to be readmitted to hospital.

This service will prioritise people who have the potential to improve their independent living skills and/or mobility.,-recovery-and-wellbeing/recovery-from-illness/knowsley-assessment-and-reablement-service.aspx

Later Life and Memory Service – Assessment and Treatment

A team of qualified professionals who will assess the needs of the elderly.   These include qualified nurse practitioners, nursing assistants, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and psychiatrists, supported by a team of  administrative assistants.

Supported by The Alzheimer Society

The team support people with memory loss and, or dementia, and their carer’s.     The aim is to help people continue living in their own home/community, keeping them as independent as possible.