Moving Home – A Positive Development

The Spring brought good news – Something Dad has been waiting on for three years – The offer of a new apartment 

Back in 2014 my dad had been considering moving to a smaller place, maybe a ground floor apartment. He had been viewing a few new developments during that time, but I didn’t think he really wanted to leave his lovely home as he just loved being in his garden, which was his pride and joy.

However, two years later when my dad had a heart attack and became very frail, we talked about the idea of a possible move, thinking this would be the time he would have to consider this as an option.  Dad was very poorly and throughout his recovery I always worried about the stairs in his home, which he now struggled with.

It wasn’t too long before I heard about a new development which had been under construction for a number of months in our local town, not far from my dads current home.  It was to be an extra-care development with a number of two bedroom bungalows as well as one and two bedroom apartments.  The site undergoing construction was that of an old watch factory which was being d developed by the local housing trust for the elderly in our home town.  Names were being taken by residents within the borough who had an interest in applying for a property, and it wasn’t long before my dad and I were sitting in the local council office going through the details of the development, and my dad made the decision to file his application for a property.

May 2015 – Dad was on the list for a property, this was something really positive to look forward to and dad was certainly happy about it.  He was looking forward to moving into a home that didn’t have stairs.  However, two years later the wait went on, there was delays in the development which was disappointing.  By this time dads health had  become worse and, as you know from reading my blog, my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s related dementia.  He had suffered from another fall and hospital stay, despite everything that was in place to protect him.  Dads short-term memory was getting worse and I was becoming more concerned about leaving him on his own at times.

March 2018 – Good News – Dad receives a letter informing him that he has been selected for an apartment in the new extra-care development, dad seemed happy about it, but the memory loss effected his ability to plan ahead or look forward to the move as he would forget what we had discussed about his new place.  I would keep reminding him about it, making sure dad had time to take it all in, I knew he would forget our discussions so I would leave little notes about it and pictures of the new development for him to read.  I would also drive dad past the site regularly and show him where he would soon be moving to.  I must admit, I was worried how the change would impact on my dad, despite his the interest he showed, I was very much aware that he may not be taking all this in.

May 2018 Dad is invited to view his new apartment in the new development – The site is known as ‘The Watchfactory’ and has a history going back to the 1800s when watches were made here in Prescot: 

The link below takes you on a journey back in time to see the history of the Watchfactory:

The much awaited day arrived, I was taking my dad to view his new apartment, we were told we could take measurements at this time for carpets and blinds etc. . and discuss any concerns we had regarding the property.  This was also the day that dad would have to agree to accept his property ( a lot to take in on an initial visit)

Here is a photo of me and my dad arriving at the new development in May 2018

On the far right of this photo you can see a foundation stone which was laid at the site of the original building of the Prescot Watchfactory in 1889 by Lady Margaret Cecil, apparently this stone now sits close to the original place were it was laid all those years ago.  What a great piece of history retained here in Prescot.

In my next post I will tell you more about dads ‘moving day’ and the difficulties we, as a family have faced, moving dad from the last home he shared with my lovely mum (who passed away 13 years ago) It certainly hasn’t been an easy move, its been very traumatic and upsetting, but I know it’s been the best option for my dad.

I will also tell you a little bit more about the history of the Watchfactory and of Lady Margaret Cecil.

Chris x