Time – It Passes So Quickly

Time – Where has 18 gone?

It’s Sunday 16th October and I am just taking some time out reflecting on the events that I have been writing about on my blog.

As you all know I started writing my blog to record my story of ‘caring for my dad’. . Looking back now, I can’t believe it’s been 18 months since the day my dad suffered his heart attack, and I took on the role of carer on his discharge from hospital.  It has certainly been a roller coaster ride since that day, with so much happening concerning my dads health and my decisions regarding work/career and caring. .

18 months later my story is still unfolding, I know dad will never be the same as he was (especially with the additional Parkinson diagnosis) but life goes on and we are taking things one day at a time. I am usually quite positive about my role in my dads care, but I must admit the last few weeks have found me feeling a little down and overwhelmed by it all.

As I have stated in my blog, I am not a clinical person, all my NHS experiences have come from non-clinics roles, and most of the services I have been able to liaise with over my dads care, has been made possible through the knowledgeI have gained of the services available. That knowledge has been so useful in coordinating my dads care, but it is only my determination that has made this possible (it certainly hasn’t come easy)

I am also dealing with the change in my life and dealing with the lack of interaction with other people on an everyday basis.  I have found it difficult to adapt to not going to work each day, especially after being in a senior management position with the added responsibility of staff, projects, deadlines and delivery timescales.  I have found my role change has had a massive impact on me and it’s only now that I am starting to realise that.  When you have been working in a fast-pased diverse environment like I have in the NHS working to tight deadlines, dealing with budget and resource management, engaging with a range of people internal and external, it’s a massive change to reflect on. . .

I know that next year I will have to start thinking about going back to work to keep my head above water (redundancy money doesn’t last forever) but it will be a difficult decision to make as I will still have to make sure that I have the care and support available for my dad throughout each day, and this may mean looking into alternative options in the care services. .

However, I do have a career to think about and after years of studying I can’t see myself giving it all up long-term. I sometimes think is this selfish of me to want to go back to work, and I hope it doesn’t come across as that!

Today, I am at a loss as to what to do next to support my dad. . The reason behind this is due to ‘follow ups’ or in fact ‘the lack of follow ups’ in some areas of care.

Dad was due to go through a programme of Parkinson’s Therapy throughout August, but after attending 2 sessions the following sessions wer cancelled, and we have still had no further information as to when this programme will commence.  Reading all of the information on the importance of Parkinson’s therapy it became clear to me how important it was to commence this therapy as soon as a diagnosis had been made.  However, as I’ve reported in recent posts, my dad was only referred onto this programme 8 months after diagnosis.

We are now 12 months into his diagnosis with no further appointments, and I am left wondering if this is a failure of the clinical pathways of care for the elderly.  Either way, it looks like I will have to follow this up yet again with the services involved. .


5 thoughts on “Time – It Passes So Quickly

  1. You sound like such a caring and kind person, Chris, and what you are trying to do is hard even though it’s an act of love. Unfortunately, it seems that these days we must be advocates for our health and the health of those we love. And persistence is the name of the game. You know full well, I’m sure, that taking care of yourself is vital as a caregiver. You have to recharge the batteries with the people and activities that fill your life with joy and peace so that you can draw on those resources for your dad. Sending you both sunlight, warmth, and love.


    • Thank you for your lovely comments Diana.
      It was so heartwarming to read them today, and very kind of you to take the time to do so.
      You are so right about looking after myself, but sometimes it’s difficult when you are caring for someone else, as so much of your time is taken up. However, I have some lovely friends who I catch up with regularly and take that much needed time out, as well as two beautiful granddaughters whom I love spending precious time with.
      I hope you have a lovely weekend, best wishes to you and thank you once again
      Love Chris x

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  2. Chris, you truly are a good daughter. My heart goes out to you in this situation. Dealing with all the bureaucracy on top of trying to help your dad and make him comfortable is bound to get overwhelming. It is important to do things for you, too. If you aren’t mentally and physically healthy, it’s more difficult to take care of the one you love. May all of yours and your fathers needs be met. Blessings to you.


    • Dear Lori

      Thank you for your lovely comments, it is so nice to read these in response to my blog and I know they are sent with love.
      You are so right about being mentally and physically fit to cope with the difficulties of caring for someone, especially when that person has been (and still is) the figurehead of our family.
      I guess with the responsibility falling on me, it does seem daunting but I am coping with things, takin each day as it comes, and trying to take some time for myself too.
      I guess sometimes I just feel guilty if I take a day out for me, as I always think of my dad being on his own, but then again sometimes he may need some time to himself too!

      Have a lovely weekend, love and best wishes
      Chris x

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