One Day At A Time – Little Steps

Taking one day at a time:

The ups and downs of an aging relative can be heartbreaking sometimes, especially when they suffer with heart disease and Parkinson’s disease.  They have good days and bad days, but you have to take it one day at a time in order to cope with the inevitable problems that both diseases bring.

One step forward, two steps back:

Over the last few months I have reported on the positive changes I have seen in my dad, these have been little changes, but significant steps.  However, this week it seems we have taken a few steps back, which I am aware is inevitable but, it’s still upsetting to see.

The last few days, dad has been a little bit distant, not as aware or involved as he has been lately.  He has been having his quiet times, not making conversation much, having to be promoted with discussion points, he has also been suffering more from balance issues, and is experiencing a lot of dizziness and tiredness, even though he hasn’t really been doing anything that would bring on the tiredness.

I have been making sure that  he eats well, and drinks plenty of fluids, but sometimes I do wonder if he needs more intervention to help him with his food intake.  It does helps when he joins me and my family for meals as I can then keep an eye on what he eats, which is usually anything I put in front of him, as long as the portions are small.

I do try and encourage him to eat little and often, as this does help to keep his energy levels up.  I do worry that left to his own devices dad would go too long without eating, but I can’t be with him 24hrs a day.

I do make sure that dad eats with us as often as possible, and I know he enjoys this family time, Which is very precious to me. .

I was hoping that an increase in his Parkinson’s medication may have made a difference to the dizziness and the balance issues he has been suffering from, but so far there doesn’t seem to be any change after a month, and we await another appointment with the Parkinson’s specialist in the next few weeks.

One day at a time, that is the only way we can deal with this!

Look forward to the good days, cope with the bad days, but most importantly, be happy dad is still with me, and continues to be the important figurehead of my family. . 💕



4 thoughts on “One Day At A Time – Little Steps

  1. Beautiful post, Chris. Your dad is so blessed to have a loving daughter like you. Can tell the bond you share is really special… and it comes through in your words. My husband’s dad had Parkinson’s… I know it isn’t easy. Take care – one day at a time is right. xo

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    • Thank you so much Kelly for taking the time to respond to my post, it really does mean a lot to me. You are so right, it isn’t easy dealing with Parkinson’s, as you have obviously experienced, but I am doing as much as I can to make sure my dad has the support he needs. The bond between us has become stronger.
      Thank you for your lovely words Kelly xx

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  2. It is rare these days for young people to give such patience and support to the sick elderly.
    Things these days are moving so fast: high speed internet, trains, cars, etc. Yet lives are not truly improved.
    You are right about looking forward to good days while preparing for the worst ones.
    In all, we should never lose hope at all.
    There are three articles that can help us all tackle our days and take control
    Amidst all others.

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