Embrace The Knowledge Of Our Aging Relatives

If only everyone took the time to listen:

Browsing through Twitter this evening, I came across a tweet posted by @IAmJohnSparks

I couldn’t resist sharing, as it made me think of all the times I have regarded my dad as the most influential person in my life, the one who I go to foe advice, the source of knowledge that was second to none in my eyes.

Please read the tweet, take it in, think about the words, and if possible respond to let me know who, in your eyes is that person and what is it that you have learned from them.

I can recall a conversation I had with my son’s teacher at one of his parents evenings, we were discussing the usual, work, attitude, progress etc. . Then, the teacher asked me about my dad, which I thought was a bit of a strange question, considering I hadn’t even mentioned him.  However, it was then that I found out that anything that was discussed in certain lessons such as ‘History’ Geography’ that my son had doubts about, or found hard to believe, apparently he would inform the teacher that he would go and ask his granddad!

This, I believe happened a number of times with different teachers, and my son would go back to those teachers to let them know they were right, as his granddad had verified the information.  I found this to be really funny at the time, but I also felt proud that my son had such a respect for his granddad and the knowledge he held.

He still seeks him  out now for clarification on certain things.

I would love to hear some feedback, and maybe we could build on this to promote the knowledge and learning we should be gaining from our elderly relatives and the aging population.


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