Taking That Step Forward – Reablement

A Step Forward Makes All The Difference:

Knowsley Assessment and Reablement Service

I cannot thank the Knowsley Reablement Team enough, for the dedicated support they have given my dad over the last 4/5 weeks.

Every day they have visited my dad at home to take him through a programme of exercises to help build up his core muscle strength, this programme has given him back his confidence and enabled him to take some steps towards becoming independent again.

The main aim of ‘Reablement’ is to provide therapy based support which is designed to help people re-learn the skills they need to live independently. The service is aimed at people who have been in hospital and need support to progress with their recovery. This service prioritises people who have the potential to improve their independent living skills and mobility.

There is so much support for elderly people from the Community Health Services if the right referral is made to the right services.

However, I also understand that if I didn’t have some form of knowledge of the services available and hadn’t followed up these services through my own determination, I wonder who would have signposted my dad to this excellent programme. . .

Would this be the responsibility of the GP? I am not so sure!

Having taken on the responsibility for my dads care and recovery I have found myself following up so much.  One regular follow up is a blood pressure check, this has been advised by the Neurologist since my dad started on his Parkinson medication, due to a possible side effect of the medication which could result in a drop in blood pressure.

Every month I make an appointment with the nurse at the GP surgery for dads blood pressure check, so far so good, although dads blood pressure is slightly on the low side anyway, it has stayed stable, which is reassuring.

Looking back over the last 5 months though, I can not recall any appointment being made for my dad to see his GP for a review or update on his condition since he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in October 2015.  The last appointment was in November 2015 which I made for my dads medication to be prescribed.

This month dad had a review of his condition with the neurologist and his medication was increased, but as of 3 weeks later no appointment has been sent out from his GP surgery to increase his medication, and I am sure the neurologist report would be with the GP by now!  Therefore I will have to follow this up and make an appointment with dads GP so his medication can be increased. . .

Should this be my responsibility or should GPs follow up these reports?

As my dad has his medication delivered in ‘Blister Packs’ from the local chemist, I waited to see if his prescription had been updated for this month, but no new prescription had been sent to the chemist for the increased Parkinson medication, so we are another month without this increase.

Again, I am left wondering what would happen if I didn’t follow this up?



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