As one pathway ends, another begins


I am pleased to report that my dad has been discharged from the cardiology department after his 2nd follow up appointment (Post MI) The cardiologist was pleased with dad’s progress and the medication, which will be continued as prescribed.

A decision was made not to intervene with invasive heart surgery, which at dad’s age would be more of a risk to him than a positive intervention.  So I will continue to support his wellbeing, making sure he takes his medication, regular excercise and healthy eating.

Memory Clinic:

Dads referral to the ‘Memory Clinic’ has resulted in blood tests and a brain scan, he will now be seen by the Consultant Psychiatrist in 2 weeks time to discuss the results.

The referral was made due to my dad suffering from memory lapses over the last few months, these were concerning me and my dad therefore, the test will conclude if the episodes are just part of the aging process, or if there is a possibility that early onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s could be causing this.  I do hope it is not any of the latter, but if it is then at least the diagnosis will be early and treatment can begin.

I cannot stress enough about the importance of early diagnosis of these conditions.,-recovery-and-wellbeing/dementia/how-to-get-help.aspx

Parkinson’s Disease:

I recently posted about my dad’s recent diagnosis of ‘Parkinson’s Disease’ and this is another pathway that is now opening up to us.  Having no previous knowledge or information on this disease, I know find myself researching and discussing the care and support that is available.

My next post will report on the pathways that are available through ‘Community Services’ and the difficulties I have experienced with ‘signposting’. . .



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