Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease: A new diagnosis for my dad

In November last year after a referral to see the Consultant in Neurology, my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  This was a shock to me and my dad as we had not considered the possibility that Parkinson’s could be a reason for some of the symptoms he had been suffering from.

My dad always had regular assessments by his GP and COPD specialist over the last few years, he always had regular check ups, blood tests, blood pressure, lung function tests etc. . and since his recent heart attack, he has been seen by cardiac specialists, cardiac nurses, physiotherapists and care workers.

At no point was Parkinson’s disease ever mentioned, until my dad was referred to a Neurologist who identified the signs just by watching my dad walk into the clinic.  He noticed his walk, his facial features and his resting tremor prior to performing an examination of his eye movements.

We where left wondering just how long he had been living with Parkinson’s, and what stage he was in the progression of the disease.

I understand there are 5 Stages, and I am now researching these so I can gain a better understanding of the disease.

I have found the following website from the NHS very useful:

Once the Neurologists report was available my dad was seen by his GP to discuss medication and support.

In my next post I will explain how a conversation with a professional practitioners (who understand Parkinson’s) gave me some valuable information regarding a therapy group for newly diagnosed patients.


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