A New Journey

A New Journey in a new Year

I suppose it’s a bit late to say “Happy New Year” but i guess it’s a good place to start this new post. I can’t believe it’s 2 months since my last post, and here we are in a brand new year already, how time flies!

A lot has happened on my dad’s journey of recovery, as my previous posts have recorded, but the journey continues and each step is taken with caution and expectations of the next milestone.

Throughout the last 6 months I have wrote about the ups and downs of the care and support pathways, the access to services, and the network of available options, all of which have become a great source of information for me and my dad as he continues his recovery. Although I don’t think my dad will fully recover and be the man he was prior to his heart attack, I am seeing a slow progression and improvement.

The journey however, has taken a detour, and I now find myself on an unexpected path due to a recent diagnosis that I was not expecting, and didn’t even consider.

After everything that has been in place through the Cardiology route, I still had doubts about my dad’s health and wellbeing, so I arranged a visit to his GP to discuss my concerns.  My dad was experiencing little memory losses (expected I suppose at 83) but there was something else I couldn’t quite fathom out, but I knew things were not as they should be…..

Prior to dad’s heart attack, and due to a couple of unexplained blackouts, his GP had considered taking one of 2 paths – Cardiolgy or Neurology?

Cardiology was decided the right option at the time, and since his heart attack the Neurolgy path had not been discussed as a requirement. However I decided to seek out this option to see if a Neurologist could explain why my dad was suffering from continuing bouts of dizziness, unstable balance, shakes and tremors.

In my next post I will discuss the diagnosis and the next path on this journey. . . .


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