Physiotherapy Assessment


After speaking with the care assessment team regarding my dad’s rehabilitation, I was advised to consider a physiotherapy assessment.  This was another service delivered by the community health teams.

First point of call for needs assessment – Details on the following website:

There are so many different services available depending on the health needs of the person and their mobility:

I was aware that walking was becoming difficult for my dad, and this was due to him spending a lot of time sitting in his chair. I know it has been difficult for dad to gain the motivation to get back into the things he liked doing, such as his garden, but I was aware that I’d he spent too much time sitting, he would start to lose the use of his legs as his muscles would start to seize up.

Dad had always owned his own car, and drove himself to many places including trips to Wales, but this all stopped last year after he suffered 2 blackouts. Dad made the decision to give up his car last August as a precaution, but the lack of mobility has took it’s toll on his independence.

I have been encouraging him to go for little walks, and use his exercise bike (as recommended by the cardiac nurses) but sometimes he lacks the motivation, and gets tired so easily.

The first home appointment with the physiotherapist went really well, and dad was very keen to follow the small exercise routine that had been set for him. The physiotherapist discussed his wellbeing, talked about his mobility, and tested this out with some walking, leg exercises, arm exercises, and some general tips on little things he could do as part of his daily routine. All of these were simple muscle building activities that would help him with his fitness, and build up his strength.

What I was really pleased about, was the support that would continue for the next 8 weeks, and this would include the physiotherapists taking my dad for walks, helping him to use a walking stick (which he is still adamant he doesn’t want to use) they will also take him on bus rides, just local trips to help build his confidence and encourage him to become independent again. Dad has never been on a bus in years, and has never used his bus pass, so this will be a new experience for him, and I do wonder if it is anything that he will take pleasure in, but who knows. . He may gain something by taking this step (as big as it will be for him)

I have high hopes that this support will give my dad some of his independence back, and encourage him to look beyond the front door of his home.

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