Care Package

Putting a Care Package in place:

I am feeling much happier this week, as I have now agreed a ‘Care Package’ for my dad.  It has not been easy to take this step towards inviting strangers into our family, but I have realised that peace of mind can be achieved by just the smallest of changes.

I have been aware of the great work that Community Health Services staff provide, and I have been advised that they can offer as little, or as much as is required depending in the needs of the person.

Having spent a number of weeks discussing the options with my dad, he finally agreed to have a ‘Care Assessment’ with the options of deciding for himself, if this would be of benefit to him.  I realise my dad is from the generation that dealt with their own problems, and kept this within the family.  However, with my advice on the number of support options available, my dad realised he would be the one to make the decision on what was best for him, as well as what I would agree was required for his needs.

I have been looking after my dad for the last 5 months, and although this has been a difficult time for both of us, it has been very stressful and has taken it’s toll on my life.  However, he is my dad and it was my choice to do this, and I must admit that it has been nice to see him grow stronger each week.

Having taken the decision for a care assessment, it was with a little trepidation that we entered into this, but we were open to options and considered the value of this intervention.

Care Assessment:

The first appointment went well, we were introduced to a lovely member of the community services who discussed every aspect of my dad’s health, including the events since his heart attack, and how he had been coping since.  Throughout the assessment we were able to ask questions, discuss options, and make decisions on what we thought we needed.

I was pleasantly surprised at the number of services my dad was eligible to gain support from, and even my dad seemed quite interested in the care that was available in order for him to sustain his independence, and continue living in his own home with added support.

This was a good day, and I was happy we had taken that step forward to find a solution that would sustain his wellbeing, support his needs, and give us both peace of mind.

In my next post I will discuss the care package, and the care services that are now involved in my dad’s rehabilitation and recovery. . .

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