An angiogram is a type of X-ray used to examine blood vessels, the procedure involves an intravenous (IV) line which is inserted through a vein in the arm (or in my dads case his hand) this is guided through the vessels/arteries to identify the damage, during the procedure the possibility of applying a stent would be considered as an option of treatment.

The angiogram was successfully performed and I was asked to meet with the consultant to discuss the results.  A time was agreed for myself and my Dad to meet with the consultant, this was a worrying time as nothing had been discussed with my dad after the angiogram therefore the delay in information being provided had again caused some stress and uncertainty.

The consultant was very clear regarding the finding, and explained why a stent had not been performed at this point.  Fortunately the righ ventrical showed no damage, unfortunately the left side showed multiple valve damage therefore, the possibility of applying a stent was not an option at this point.

The consultant then discussed the possible option of a triple bypass procedure, but due to my dads age this was considered a high risk, therefore the decision was made to treat my dad with medication.  Dad was discharged home that day.

In my next post I will explain the medication that was prescribed, and the information we received prior to my dads discharge from hospital.


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