999 Emergency Call

999 Emergency Call: 

I cannot stress enough how important it is to call 999 if someone you know is suffering from chest pain, or in my dad’s case pressure on his chest which was uncomfortable and quite severe. .

I am relieved that he had the sense to identify with these symptoms which he had not experienced before, and had called me at home, fortunately my partner was home to take the call as I was at work at the time, and he was able to get to him within 5 minutes.  I on the other hand had to drive from work to get to him, despite having a care line in place, my dad did not remember that this was the best option at the time, and could only think of contacting me.

However, when I arrived at his home the chest pressure he had been feeling had started to ease, and he was insisting I called the GP, but I thought otherwise due to symptoms my Dad had been explaining, and dialled 999.

The 999 call resulted in the rapid response team being dispatched to my Dad’s home, this took all of 10 – 15 minutes, and during this time I was kept on the line and offered advice and support until the paramedics arrived to assist us.

I must say that the paramedics were amazing and put my dad at his ease as soon as they entered the house. They asked a number of questions regarding his pain, and how he was feeling before proceeding to carry out a number of checks. As this was going on the ambulance arrived to take my dad to the A/E department at our local hospital.

Throughout this stressful event for me and my dad, the paramedics kept us informed of what they were doing, what tests they had been performing, as well as keeping my dad calm and involved.

On admission to hospital a number of tests were performed, including an ECG and blood tests, all of which eventually confirmed my dad had suffered a heart attack!

Quick response and medication within an hour of my dad experiencing his symptoms certainly helped to stabilise his condition, and probably saved his life. . .


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