Welcome to my blog. . .

They say “life turns on a sixpence” and I can certainly identify with that, considering the events that have unfolded in the last few months.

I decided to write this blog after my dad suffered a heart attack, this was very unexpected, but thankfully my dad has survived the attack, but it’s taken it’s toll on his usual confident and independent self.

Looking back over the last year, I guess the warning signs were already there, dad had suffered 2 blackouts, and after visiting his GP he was referred to a cardiology specialist.  The decision was made to fit a loop recorder, this would detect any changes, such as a drop in his heart rate which could have caused the blackouts.

That was back in September 2014 and dad had not had any further blackouts, and no significant recordings were made.  A routine checkup in December didn’t show anything of concern, and he was told to continue to record anything that he thought was relevant, of which he would report so this could be checked out.

Then in April this year he had his heart attack, and this has placed my interests directly into the front line of patient care, having taken on the unexpected role of ‘Carer’ since my dad came home from hospital.

I have encountered times of uncertainty and lack of information which has caused concern, and anxiety for both myself and my dad.

The aim of this blog is to follow my dad ‘Patient Journey’ and highlight some of the areas of concern, and explain how asking questions on his condition, diagnosis, and medical procedures, as well as the services available in the community, all of which has helped me to support my dad.

I hope this helps other people who may find themselves in a similar situation, when information is not entirely available therefore, giving them the confidence to ask!

After all, we will all be patients at some point in our life, and we should all be able to discuss any aspect of our care, including who we are speaking to: #hellomynameis


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